Monday, 4 April 2011

{Monday Madness}

Such a busy week this week, Chelseas 2nd Birthday on Friday and her party on Saturday so have alot of preparation this week. I thought i was organised, turns out not as organised as i thought!!!
Mum arrives on Thursday and i dont think i have ever been more excited to see her!! On top of very much looking forward to having an extra set of hands, I havent seen her in over a month since she moved away!! Its so strange not having her around! 

So the party plans are in full swing, i think i have bitten off more than i can chew with decorations and food menu. Why do we do this to ourselves? Chelsea doesnt care what colour theme she has or what cake i make her! At this age she would be happy with anything! So why do us mums set ourselves up for so much stress???!!! Of course I want it to be pretty and the food to be scrumptious, but I cant go overboard with things as trying to keep on a budget! I think we get so worried about what other people will think of what we do that we go overboard in trying to have everything perfect!

So i can imagine how i am going to be towards the end of the week!!
So, while in the spirit of party planning, I thought i would include some things that i find beautiful and inspirational, also some amazing pages that are great for party products and ideas!! 

Firstly - One of my favourite pages on facebook! 
{Fairydust Stylish Stationary} 
You must visit their page, its just amazing!!

Also got this birdcage + a bigger one!!

The invites i got for Chelseas party!  

Another gorgeous page that i adore for getting beautiful ribbon wands! Perfect for any little girls party!!

Who doesnt love gorgeous pom poms made from tissue paper!! This page is simply stunning! So many uses for their creations!!

Ohh how about the gorgeous outfit i got from 
{Noli Decor
for Chels to wear on her day :)

Noli Decor also does a huge range of toys and gifts!! You can get the best quality presents without even leaving your house!!

Ohh for some gorgeous fill in style party invitations 
{Snow Write}

You must check this page out 
The most gorgeous supplies and party planning!!!

I came across this image recently and i knew i just had to try it out for Chelsea's birthday! This can be found on 
'Oh, Goodie Designs' blog

Arent these ice cream balloons so cute!!!

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