Saturday, 2 April 2011

{Late Autumn Nights...}

Last night I was sewing away and my little miss C (Who is turning the big 2 this coming Friday!) comes mincing in so she can colour with mummy, she takes a look around and runs her chubby hands along my fabric collection and asks 'What you doing mummy?' to which I turn to her and answer 'Im sewing owls baby' She looks on quizzically and I ask her if she would like mummy to make her one, she answers 'Yeeaaahhhh Mummy!! Owl!!!' So i sit down with her on the floor with my newest and most beautiful fabric and she sits down next to me, she already has such a love for arty things and all things pretty.
Like any little girl she is fascinated by bright colours and the finer things in life, and i have no hesitation in asking her which fabrics she might like for her owl as i know that whatever she chooses will be perfect (and even if they dont match - So What!!?? who can resist that gorgeous little face!!)

The below is what i stayed up until 1am sewing for her.
I added the crochet ribbon as a new special touch and also detail to the belly.
The 'Chelsea' Owl (so named after my Chelsea) has a vintage ribbon ruffle bottom and pastel coloured ribbon feet.
Her eyes are made from mismatched buttons that my Great Aunt gave me and her beak is out of a scrap of felt my mum gave me from her old stash.

 Chelsea was so happy this morning when she woke to find her new little friend waiting for her, and the 'Chelsea' Owl has been lovingly 'tuddled' and 'tissed' (Cuddled and Kissed) all day.
I believe the play cups of tea and cupcakes that she has consumed would give any stuffed owl a belly ache, but she didnt complain and was the perfect tea guest.

I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Friday night then hand making something pretty for my little girl that she got so much happiness from.

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