Tuesday, 19 July 2011

{In The Spotlight}

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Going through little boubbas albums on facebook, i laughed to myself after recognising about 5 of the fabric covered note books - I bought these as gifts last christmas and ended up keeping two for myself! it brought back memories of my car getting broken into while i was at work, it was a Sunday and before getting into my car to drive to work i checked the mail box, strange i know as mail doesnt get delivered on Sundays, but i checked anyway, and, inside my mailbox i found a big package from little boubba containing my 5 note books! How excited i was! Before getting out of my car to go into work, i put them under the seat as an after thought, and when i finished work at around 11 (after a most eventful night of girls fighting and heads being put through glass doors, police being called and the rest, i worked at a cinema mind you!!!) i walked to my car and hopped in only to find that the passengers side window had been smashed in and the contents of my car searched. Various things were taken but the first thing i did (after making sure they hadnt stolen my new car seat) was to reach my hand under the seat and amidst the broken glass i found my notebooks! i was so happy they hadnt found and taken them!
I LOVE my little boubba notebooks so much! I have been a fan of Donnas magnificent work for quite some time now, I was so happy to see her page leap and bound and grow in numbers (thousands to be exact :) and i love seeing what Donna will come up with next.

It was only natural for me to ask her if she would be willing to be a feature on my blog, and i was elated when she agreed, so, as i write this up and listen to the rain outside and Norah Jones on the inside, a cup (or 4) of hot sweet tea and a big thick chunk of warm banana bread covered generously in western star butter (because is there anything better!!??) I urge you to do sit back and take a read about how Little Boubba came into being and some insights from Donna herself :) and of course some wonderful pictures of her amazing creations!

The Start....

Of course one of my first questions is a golden oldy, The old 'How did you end up here' & 'WHAT made you start a business' I think its a good place to start and so we will :)

Donna has always been a sewer, knitter, drawer and basically very crafty over all, she had always wanted to have her own line of childrens linen and so when she and her family moved down to the Peninsula a little under a year ago, with no friends and feeling very lost and isolated it seemed like just the opportunity she had been waiting for to dust off her sewing machine and give it a serious working.

It started with bibs, but she always had the intention to make it so much more, although, with 2 young children at a new school, in a new area, and starting a new life with her youngest at home, everything was a little bit all over the place. Sales ended up becoming a regular occurence on her madeit store and it gave her the boost she needed 'Maybe i DO have a product people want' is what was going through Donnas mind and she quickly went into over drive with all the ideas of other things she had always wanted to make - and so, her business was born.
Taggy Blankets

'Little Boubba' the meaning behind the name.....

I asked Donna about her business name 'Little Boubba' it interests me alot to know why people choose the names they do for their businesses. She explained to me that all 3 of her children have very strange pet names, and Little Boubba is one of her youngest childrens many little names, there apparently was a time that Donna considered another name that she still loves, but Little Boubba just 'stuck' and so it is :)

Donna has always loved childrens clothing, so much so, that she started buying it when she was only 18 for the day when she had her own babies!! (She added, that of course by the time she did end up having children, she didnt like any of the clothes she had bought any more, but it did make one hell of an eBay sale!!!)
She's a constant buyer of childrens magazines and loves to surf around online to see whats happening.
Her fabric choices reflect her love of colour and a little bit of the 'retro' feel, and finds this gives her most of her inspiration as she can visualize designs in her head before she has made them.

I for one am very attracted to the fabric choices Donna makes, this (as well as a quality made product) is what draws me in in the first place, for me, its all about fabric choices, if i like a design but not the fabric, im not going to buy it!

I asked Donna if there is anyone she admires and her responce was that she admires anyone who is living their dream, and, when she finds herself day dreaming her minds strays to Peter Alexander, not just because of her love affair with Pyjamas :) but because he too, started off on his dining room table.

Some advice Donna has for other women 'If you want it, go and get it! No one else can do it for you, but remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.'

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

{Down That Little Lane - Make Over Give Away}

A gorgeous page i have been following on facebook for awhile now is having a make over give away on her blog! 
Head over to 'Down That Little Lane' Blog and check out the conditions! Also check out the facebook page! Its full of wonderful little unique findings!! One of Jeffrey&Hildas favourites!!!